In a nutshell

We are developing Partnerships for International Virtual Student Business Challenges in Sustainable Entrepreneurship. Therefore, we will research best practices, develop and test different challenges, provide guidelines and tools for measuring the impact of these formats. For boosting international collaboration in sustainable entrepreneurship education we will work together with partners from different European countries and build up a strong network.

What drives us

To deal effectively with climate change and with other environmental issues, new learning, teaching and skills development programs have to be established in which educational institutions and businesses cross-pollinate each other.  Many different programs at many Higher Educational Institutions are on the rise. We truly believe, that global challenges can only be solved globally. Therefore, we prepare the basis for true international cooperation in mixed student and teaching teams in virtual challenges – to include all that have not the possibility to go abroad for a study semester and to foster competences not only in sustainable entrepreneurship but also in intercultural collaboration.

This website was carried out as part of the Challenge4Impact project. Challenge4Impact (Project Reference: 2021-1-DE01-KA220-HED-000032242) is funded by the Erasmus+/Cooperation Partnership Programme of the European Union.

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What we do

In Challenge4Impact we will

1. Create a European network and platform for challenge-based teaching and learning in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation

2. Set up long-term partnerships and infrastructures for the implementation of international virtual Student Business Challenges in sustainable entrepreneurship

3. Develop skills and competencies of students (curricular & extracurricular) and business partners in fighting climate change and other sustainability challenges by entrepreneurship

4. Increase the quality of challenge-based and digital teaching and learning formats

5. Establish impact management procedures and skills that allow to assess and improve the positive impacts on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

6. Working in international teams (students, lecturers, businesses) to share knowledge, values, learning experiences and to prepare students for an international labour market and create the ability to work cross-cultural.

Who we are

We are researcher and lecturers, working since years in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship education. Challenge4Impact builds on the experiences of the ScaleUp4Sustainability project, that was funded by Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance Program.

What we are working on

  • Manual for co-designing international virtual student business challenges in sustainable entrepreneurship.
  • Best practice report – Infrastructure and intermediation services for Student Business Challenges.
  • Evaluation method and tool for assessing outcomes and impacts of Student Business Challenges.
  • A playbook of full-term international virtual student business challenges in sustainable entrepreneurship. Here, we design, organize, develop, prepare and implement full-term international student business challenges in sustainable entrepreneurship in two cycles
  • A playbook of special topics international virtual Student Business Challenges in sustainable entrepreneurship.
  • Research report: Outcomes and impact of international virtual Student Business Challenges in sustainable entrepreneurship.
  • Guidelines for designing and scaling effective infrastructures and intermediation services for international Student Business Challenges
  • Results will be published on this site once they are available!